18. The Migraine Brain – Carolyn Bernstein, M.D.


non-fiction, first edition 2008, English

” In recent years, our understanding of migraine has progressed a great deal. We now know it is a complex neurological disease that involves much more than the vascular system. The vasodilatation theory was probably backward: migraines aren´t caused by blood vessels expanding; rather, blood vessels are thought to expand as a result of a migraine attack. The new science of migraine recognizes that migraine disease involves many aspects of our physiology, including your central nervous system, neurotransmitters and other chemicals in your brain, electrical impulses, your inflammatory response, a nerve in your face and head called the trigeminal nerve, and other systems. The latest research points to “cortical spreading depression” as the physical reaction that begins a migraine attack. It isn´t a depression at all but in fact is just the opposite, a superexcitability of the brain. Cortical spreading depression is a dramatic wave of electrical “excitation” that spreads across the surface of the brain, also called the cerebral cortex, when something antagonizes or upsets it.”

Carolyn Bernstein, The Migraine Brain, p63-64



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